ESP is a youth guided initiative in partnership with the Toronto Police Service,
the four district school boards of Toronto, ProAction, Cops & Kids,
the Canadian Safe School Network and the City of Toronto.

Learn how to make your school a safer
and more caring place for ALL students!


2006 ESP Showcase

The Canadian
Safe School
presents the...

2006 Safe School Award!!!

This friv award is given in recognition of a student who has made a significant contribution toward the elimination of violence in his/her healthcare administration degree school or community in Canada. Recipients of the Safe School Award are leaders in Canada whose dedication has made our country a safer wholesale candles place in which to live.

The successful frozen games recipient will be a guest of honour at CSSN's Unforgettable Dinner in November, where they will be awarded a happy wheels $500 cash prize, as well as a one night stay at the famous Fairmount Royal York.


The Whitney Museum of American canvas paintings is leaving its landmark Marcel Breuer building for a new and larger space it will take over on May 1 in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will expand to the Whitney’s former location in 2016.

The report focuses on battery materials for lithium battery. It includes cathode, anode, electrolyte, separator, binders, and packaging materials. It further divides the market on the basis of types, applications, and geography. The major material types within this market are cathode, anode, separator, and electrolyte. The market data Panasonic 3400mah for these material types is given with respect to volume (tons) and value ($million). The data is based on the demand for all the battery materials categories.

It's always fun when your colleagues return from an awesome game conference and you're trying to get a reasonable idea about the highlights of the event based on their clouded recollections of the trip (especially to Amsterdam). Still, from what they managed to tell me about this year's Casual Connect, it's clear that it was mind-blowing. Let's take a look at why. “Amsterdam is a hilarious place. We even arrived a day earlier to take a look around”, Adam starts his agitated account of the trip. The whole thing took place in a beautiful spiderman games historical building in downtown Amsterdam that quickly became packed with over 7,500 professionals from the game industry. It still puzzles me why they let a savage bunch of high enthusiastic gamers come inside such a charming, magical place, but Adam insists that they were all in fact very laid back and cheerful. Our guys got busy from day one and although it was a tough job to get a relevant report of what actually happened there, I managed to learn that they met some very interesting people, for example Mateusz Szukajt, arcade total jerkface games the founder and owner of Galaktus, a polish PR and marketing agency focused on video entertainment, which currently cooperates with notable games such as War Thunder or Star Conflict.

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32 Division schools held an ESP event at Yorkdale Mall in February

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